How Magento eCommerce Platform helps you grow your business

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How Magento eCommerce Platform helps you grow your business

As you know, eCommerce is the future of whole world’s trading. Why is it so? Every year the count of online purchases increases. This is expected, because is so much easier to visit 100 online shops per day, than visit 100 stores physically. You could view products, no matter what time of the day it is and you won’t meet an annoying saleswoman, that is asking you all the time “How can I help you?”.

Today I will introduce to you one platform, that is known in whole world – Magento eCommerce Platform. If you are starting an online business or you need to create a website, online store or you want to manage your eBay and Amazon accounts – this platform has everything you need.

1. Saves time and money

With Magento eCommerce Platform you can manage multiple shops in different languages with different currencies. This is pretty handy for global sellers.

2. Giant Community

Over 28% of websites are using Magento for eCommerce.

3. Customize Security Permissions

You can keep in safe your website with different levels of accounts’ permissions, also you can customise what every user will see.

4. Third Party Integrations

This platform allows shop owners to add their eCommerce experience – like eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, PayPal and more.Here you can also integrate Google Analytics.

5. Advanced SEO

Magento is great with attracting organic traffic. It was created with SEO efficiency, which increases your products’ visibility in Google, Bing and more.

6. Mobile friendly

Magento shopping carts are developed seamlessly viewable on mobile devices and are responsive. This is serious advantage, having in mind that most recent researches show, that 62% of smartphone owners make their online purchases, using their mobile devices.


At E-Motive, we strive to help you grow your business, while accurately integrate your marketplaces’ accounts, create and maintain your website or online store with Magento eCommerce Platform.