How eBay and Amazon templates affect your sales

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How eBay and Amazon templates affect your sales

E-Motive Ebay Amazon Template

Everyone of you probably noticed that every seller has different template in eBay. Why is so important to have it? Let’s think about it.

If you are searching to buy a bluetooth from eBay and you have two results, for example. Which one will you choose – the listing with a good description, with images, where you can see the products from every side, extra table with values, other categories where this seller is selling on…? Let’s summarize it – more colourful and professional looking! OR the one where you have boring text describing the device? Exclude the product’s price and quality. Have a think – which one will you choose? Yes, that’s right – the first one. And surprisingly or not – most of buyers do the same.

In Amazon the situation is similar. But there you need to keep in mind that only brand registered sellers can have branded template. And it is really good looking.

Why buyers choose products with eBay and Amazon templates, while making a sale? They prefer listings with templates because:

First, nobody likes to read, especially a lot of information on one place. Second – people unknowingly prefer something with more colors. This way – the text doesn’t look so much and the information is served the best way.

If you cannot create these templates and you want to support your plenty of sales – do not hesitate to reach professional specialist, like E-motive.

And remember – sales bring more sales!