The Importance of a Positive Customer Experience

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The Importance of a Positive Customer Experience

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Selling on marketplaces is not just about listing and selling goods. You not only have to be good at doing it, but your customers need to think you are good at it also. Your seller accounts on eBay and Amazon are measured by performance metrics, they are very similar on both marketplaces, yet the results for not hitting those targets can vary from an email notification to an account suspension. Suspension of your online marketplace account will cut off a sales stream and also prevent you from ever selling on that marketplace again. As the attached article by Zach Rutherford shows, it is important to manage your online reputation. Even without suspension, a poor rated seller will have their search results pushed to the bottom of the pile, imagine that no one can find your listings, this of course will result in no sales. It is essential you don’t get into the drop zone, this is why working with a marketplace specialist like EMotive can help to ensure your account is within the top tier of sellers. Using our knowledge of the marketplaces, we can help and advise on best practise to avoid you running into troubles with your marketplace profile. Our customer service team is trained to turn a negative experience into a positive one, avoiding the need to be reactive. In the event of a negative experience being recorded with the account, we can work with the buyer and the marketplace to arrange for that experience not to affect the overall performance of the account. That together with offering a fully managed customer service solution, we can take care of all your multichannel customer support concerns.

The Importance of Online Reputation for E-Commerce Sites – We’ve always emphasized the importance of keeping your customers happy, because this will not only mean they’re more likely to show loyalty and refer their friends and family to you, but it also means you get brownie points from eBay or Amazon (if you are selling in those marketplaces). Good reviews also help you rank better in Google — and of course, most people who buy anything online check out the reviews first. It all boils down to having a good online reputation. But what if you get a negative review, or someone negative rates you on Facebook? Deservedly or not, it can damage your reputation, and that can be major bad news for you.

E-Commerce is All About Reputation – A major component of e-commerce is the lack of actual contact between seller and buyer. Each of your buyers gives you a degree of trust every time they buy something, because they don’t get to check out the merchandise until after you deliver it to them. If you do right by them, you increase that level of trust and confidence.

Conclusion: – Keeping good customer services, brings more positive feedback. More positive feedback, brings more sales and happy clients.