SureDone to participate in eCommerce Academy Conference 2019

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Companies from the Bulgarian and Romanian eCommerce market are gathering on 7th and 8th of June for eCommerce Academy Conference in Ruse, Bulgaria.


In Romania, the online shopping industry is experiencing huge growth with 3.5 billion euro in revenue for last year. Bulgaria had online sales resulting in 664 million euro during 2018 with around 30% growth in sales for both countries compared to 2017. An interesting fact is that IT, Fashion and Home Decor are the prefered categories in Internet stores in Europe.



The event provides an opportunity for Bulgarian and Romanian online retailers to exchange valuable knowledge and ideas. Recognizing the importance for any business to network, there are scheduled ‘networking’ breaks to help visitors and exhibitors grow their markets with new leads.


With online sales businesses in Bulgaria being very compelling to their Romanian neighbours – and vice-versa due to the natural synergies in what is being sold, both nations are in the top 5 fastest growing electronic commerce countries in Europe. Furthermore, the advantages in terms of logistics are favourable for both parties to expand their customer base abroad.


The event program will include:


  • Speakers form the largest organisations in the eCommerce sector.
  • Workshops will assist the newcomers in starting an eCommerce project.
  • 25 lectors, 30 exhibitors and over 400 visitors from countries all over the world.
  • A whole conference dedicated to the best practices for Dropshipping Bussiness in Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Recent technological advancements which changed the eCommerce world.
  • Best eCommerce platforms in 2019.


Why you should attend:


The eCommerce Academy Conference provides an awesome chance for everyone who wants to take their Internet store to the next level, being investigating different channels or furthering their professional network. Do not miss the opportunity to make the most out of your eCommerce shop and seek professional assistance to save time and cut your learning curve.


SureDone will be a part of this year’s event in Ruse, Bulgaria. The multichannel eCommerce platform, helping a lot of retailers with listing management, category optimisation, channel expansion etc., is chosen as an eBay representative for the Expo. SureDone is in close partnership with eCA developing a strong relationship built on trust and one of the main exhibitors in this year’s event.


Feel free to talk to our team if you need any further support for your online sales strategy. Come find us at the SureDone booth.


To book your spot:

visit: eCA Conference website

or call: +359876555587