Customer Service


Professional Customer Service

Without a doubt, the customer service is an undisputed part of the success of almost any company in the world. That`s why, we at E-Motive have spent time and effort into building a team with amazing skills. We ensure that our clients receive the best service possible, increasing their satisfaction and providing the highest reputation of E-Motive.

Best Practices

Phone, email, multiple accounts handling – we will be where your customers are – on time, promptly, competent.

E-Motive Customer Service Best Practice
E-Motive Customer Service Fleixibility


We will fit around your customers needs, we will understand your business, get familiar with the items you sell.


Professional approach in 6 different languages – English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian.

E-Motive Customer Service Multilingual
E-Motive Customer Service Results

Focus on Results

Manage feedbacks, return and refund cases – we got your back – full time reputation management.

Full or part time customer service

We can deal with all your customer queries, or you can set the limits. Use us as a part of your team, set the strategy we will follow the route. Reliable and flexible.

E-Motive Customer Service Full Or Part

We offer flexible packages –
choose the services which match your trading vision

Let us manage your everyday business, so you can focus on what’s
important – to sell more online.
Go global.