Linn Academy 2018


12th September 2018, The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham UK
Linn Academy is more than just a meeting place for the eCommerce community. You’ll find a combination of world-class Keynote speakers and knowledgeable industry influencers, ready to join you on a journey to outline the next steps for taking your business to the next level.
E-motive appears as a Gold Sponsor at Linn Academy 2018.
It will be a great pleasure for us to exchange experience with online sellers and share tips how to grow business and be most effective in the e-commerce industry.
Our Mission at Linn Academy 2018
We help online sellers to find solutions for their online business. We would love to learn from leading companies in the industry, get helpful practical advices and tips as well as asking questions directly to the experts involved with the event.Finding out more about what is happening behind the scenes of the e-commerce, meeting up the leading companies in the industry, soaking up their knowledge and learn about their products and services, will help us improve our business technology as well.
Keynote Speakers Inspire Us

We will be most interested to hear the Keynote Speakers talking about investments in the retail sector. Topics such as leadership, change management and entrepreneurship will help all of us develop in the e-commerce industry in order to increase our skills.

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Learn about the latest and greatest techniques in order to optimise your online business and learn tips about how to reduce overheads without reducing efficiency and quality. Let’s exchange knowledge and experience about online brand presence. Let’s talk about how important branding is for ecommerce businesses, what makes an online business stand out in such a busy industry, and share ideas how to grow brands and take it to the next level.

Five Business Growth Tips from E-Motive

1. Set clear goals: Plan, analyse, strategise and estimate realistic results

Plan before you jump, rushing may result in regrets. To prevent that, invest some time in analyzing and testing. Focus on your customers, think and act like them. They don’t have the opportunity to touch, try, feel or smell your products, your main weapon here are words. Choose your wording carefully, investigate which is the best way to describe, to present what you sell. Structure your product data correctly, offer appropriate pricing, grant easy access for the customers to your products. Adopt the best strategy for your business, set clear goals, learn as you go – grow. It is not rocket science, think like a buyer and you cannot go wrong.

2. Work in a team – empower people: ask, help, assist, collaborate

E-commerce is a jungle and even highly experienced businesses might get lost into. Asking for assistance to get back on track is a great move, which a lot of companies take very successfully today. Learn from other online businesses, request help from professional e-commerce service providers, assist other businesses to achieve what you have so far. At the end of the day the e-commerce industry is big enough for everyone. Empower people in and outside your company, ask, help, collaborate, build relationships within this busy environment, work as a team and share the online success. Seek new opportunities – achieve more.

3. Support – Create, develop and try new approaches

In this rapidly changing environment is crucial to support your online business with constant tests and analysis. Support your customers with all the necessary assets to become a loyal and returning customer – never stop evolving. Technology, trends and customer tastes will change, and so must you if you want to succeed in such a variable market.

Create new opportunities, develop new approaches, don’t set limits for your online business, experiment. Find the right match for your online vision and embrace it.

4. Communicate the vision – Define suggestions and be on the same side with your team

If you want to grow and lead a successful company – communicate with your team, make sure you are all looking in the same direction. The vision set for your online business growth should be understood and implemented internally first. Listen to your people, you hired them for a reason. Give your team the chance to discuss, share and even criticize the business strategy. Invest in the people you work with as much as you invest with the business itself – build reliable connection with your team, distributors, manufacturers, customers, partners etc. Communication is the key on every level in e-commerce, stick to it, develop. Don’t assume that everyone is on the same page, check and confirm.

5. Share Ideas – think out of the box, be creative and succeed, take your business to the next level

Strive to achieve the best, investigate the industry to find the right place for your business. Be creative, adopt different strategies and analyse the results. Automate the processes as much as possible, to allow yourself to focus on selling more, selling better. Take your Customer support to a higher level, be where your customers are, listen to them carefully, read between the lines. Focus on your products data, optimize it, make it reachable to wider customer audience. Go multichannel – don’t stay stuck in a box – explore new possibilities, learn and grow.

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