Multichannel Services


Offering you solutions ranging from eBay and Amazon listings optimization to full management of your E-Commerce strategy

Our portfolio of services tailored to each individual brand includes:

Marketplace Managed Services

We will manage your everyday business, sparing your time and energy, so you can focus on your products instead. Our experienced team will manage your inventory, assist with the order processing, will enhance your data and help scale and grow your account(s). Our mission is to provide solutions with data, listing optimization and store management, and fundamentally removing barriers for sellers to embrace the marketplaces and multichannel, creating cross border opportunities.

Multichannel Software Services

We try to automate the processes as much as possible, using different software solutions depending on your needs and preferences. By using automated listing systems, we are reducing overheads and expenditure. Online business management depends on software and we know it, let us run and automate the process for you.

Marketplace Solutions - Ebay & Amazon

Our team can produce a branded store on eBay and Amazon which reflects your brand. We can also build all that feature-rich content that promotes and educates the buyer and proves you are the “go to brand” in this category. Using our professional and experienced in-house team we design and implement, EBay and Amazon branded templates, we can cover it all.

Webstore Design and Creative Services

We can design your web store using your “Rules of the Game”. Our team is completely aware of what it takes for an online store to be successful. We face all design demands with ease in order to create astonishing projects and meet all the requirements of the e-commerce industry. Create a consistent journey through your brand for your buyers.

Multichannel Storefront Design and Maintenance

Standalone or it can be connected to a listing platform of your choice. We can create a new template for your website or even optimize your existing one. We create websites from scratch and even maintain current ones.

We offer flexible packages –
choose the services which match your trading vision

Let us manage your everyday business, so you can focus on what’s
important – to sell more online.
Go global.