We are proud to say we do everything multichannel and we are passionate about what we do. So, we need passionate and dedicated partners with knowledge and experience to work with us to provide solutions and services around the globe. We treat partnerships like a good marriage, with great communication and lead generation on both sides so we can drive forward growth in the eCommerce industry.
Our partners are vital to us and to our customers. By connecting with our global network, you can play an important role in delivering diverse range of services that are success stories for everyone involved. If you share our vision, why not join our partner network and join us on our online business growth journey today!

Marketplace Partners

We have rich experience in using these marketplaces, we know what we do and we know how to do it right. Our mission is to help merchants to structure and display their data correctly, meaning a better buying experience for the customers.

Software Solution Partners

We understand multichannel software, we have gained a lot of knowledge in the work process and we are ready to share that knowledge. We can support customers – from Zero to Fully using the software, leaving you, our partners, to do what you do best – develop great software.

Industry Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration. We work with a broad range of companies within the industry to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Logistic Partners

We have learned how important logistic services are for the online business, that is why we keep growing our network. Co-operating with the best to develop and expand.

Google Services and Marketing Partners

We know ecommerce, we understand it, and we interact with companies which share our vision – to help businesses to succeed online.

“As the eCommerce market evolves, so do the opportunities and challenges that it presents. Not only do E-Motive continually optimize their services to keep pace with these changing industry requirements, but thanks to their dedicated Linnworks team they have been able to share their expertise with clients, helping them to scale and grow on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Joining forces with E-Motive as partners was therefore a logical and natural decision.”


What you can expect?:

  • A warm welcome and cup of tea or coffee

  • Dedication and support

  • Knowledge, experience and ideas exchange

  • Collaboration by all means

  • Leads, customer queries, resource

  • Marketing support

Get to know us… Give us a shout.. Let’s work together